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Dr Pushpinder S Bajaj Chariman & Managing Director,
Consultant Orthopaedic & Sports Surgeon
Dr Vikas Rajesh Singh Medical Director,
Consultant Orthopaedic & Sports Surgeon
Dr Sonal Mahalwar Consultant Musculo-Skeletal Radiologist
Dr Gargi Naha (PT) Business Head,
PhysioCare Consultant Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapist
Ms Seema Malik Consultant Sports & Wellness Nutritionist
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A 20-bed tertiary orthopaedic sports surgery and sports injury facility
Global Standards of Safety
Integrated, State-of-the-Art, Efficient Surgical Theatres
Quality Care & Service
Outpatient-consulting rooms catering to patient convenience
Dedicated Assessment
Diagnostic Sports Imaging and Automated Pathology Lab
Google Reviews and Shout-outs

Dr Ashish had been totally professional and treated all his patients extremely good. I had a sewer neck pain and lower back pain which was treated by him and I am much better now. I wish Dr Ashish my good wishes and must say he is one of the best physical therapist in Delhi.


Went to Dr. Harji Kaur for a dermatologist appointment for psoriasis. She was super knowledgeable and kind. The appointment was quick and the treatment she offered me was very effective. As someone who's seen dermatologists in America, I would definitely recommend Dr. Harji Kaur the most!!


I recently had to visit CSI for an ankle pain which required an MRI to determine the cause. The center has modern and well-maintained facilities including a state-of-the-art MRI machine for conducting walking/movement MRIs and a very courteous and professional technical staff. I have to give a special shoutout to Dr. Sonal Mahalwar for her exceptional efforts and utmost patience in conducting multiple test in trying to diagnose the root cause of my ankle pain, while maintaining a light atmosphere that distracted me from the pain during the long examination. After multiple tests including an ultrasound to rule out tendon issues that was graciously comped by her, Dr. Sonal performed a very novel approach of assisted movement of the ankle in the MRI machine to determine tarsal coalition in my foot. I am very grateful for her efforts which went above & beyond the call of duty and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an inquisitive and personable MRI specialist.

Adarsh Menghani

Met Dr Bajaj who recomended for an MRI, where Dr Sonal really took great care & eased me through the MRI process bearing my childish rant for the fear of MRI. Great Dr, A go to person. Thanks a tonne She even went an extra mile to see my pain through and truly helped with my prognosis.

Punit Arhora

Dr. Sonal Mahalwar provided exceptional care during my recent MRI. She took the time to explain the process clearly and address any concerns I had. I am grateful for their dedication to patient care and would highly recommend Dr. Sonal Mahalwar to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate radiologist.

Sukriti Gambhir

I had a foot drop and foot injury about 4 months back, went through various scans, MRIs and physio sessions but my foot injury went unresolved. A few days back I went for a check up to Dr. Anuj Chawla who recommended me get my Ultrasound done at CSI and referred me to Dr. Sonal.
The check up and scans done by Dr. Sonal were very thorough and done very patiently & professionally. The result being that the root cause of my problem was eventually found.
The diagnosis done by Dr. Sonal has laid down the way for my recovery. Thus, solving the curious case of my left foot problem seems to have a way forward.
I must say that it was a very gratifying experience.
Many thanks.

Sandeep Talwar

I went to Dr. Harji Kaur in 2020 for a skin outbreak after trying many dermatologists. treatment plan gave me I got immediate relief frm her i really liked how she explained everything clearly, from cause and symptoms to precautions. Her practical health and lifestyle tips are a great bonus! I've recommended her to many friends and my Airbnb guests, and they all had great experiences. I’ve been going to her ever since whenever I need a dermatologist. On my last visit in May 2024, she suggested me better and cheaper cosmetic care products than what I was using. I found them easily at the pharmacy downstairs, and they are so much better and more affordable than what I usually bought. Highly recommended dermatologist and for cosmetic care! Please visit her without any hesitation, and you will see for yourself. Best Dermatologist ever!!

Tushar Taluja

Amazing Radiologist. Took the effort to diagnose the problem.

Abhigyan Mehrotra

I met Dr Bajaj for a severe backache and sciatica issue. The centre has world class facilities and a very positive and soothing aura. When you meet Dr Bajaj you get expert medical advice and guidance. On his advice I took robotic spinal decompression sessions under Dr Ashish. He gives individual attention to each one of his patients. He has a thorough knowledge about his work and guides you very well. I have been to multiple physio centres due to my recurring back issue but found the physio here to be extremely clean, professional and extremely well managed. A big thank you to Dr Bajaj , Dr Ashish for helping me recover in a very short time. Centre for sports injury has international standards of practice , latest technology, very hygienic conditions and helpful staff . If you have any orthopaedic issues do visit - highly recommend!

Soni Nanda

Great facility and amazing doctors. Very professional. Highly recommended 💯

prepright edu

In last so many year i have consult so many dr but when i meet dr p s bajaj i am so happy with his treatment and he is very nice and humble person i am 100% satisfied and happy and he had all things in under one roof

preeti garg

Most reliable place in Delhi NCR for sports related and spine related injuries. They are equipped with the best facilities and the best Doctors.

Prasenjit Ghosh

My MRI diagnosis was done by Dr Sonal, she was very helpful and help me to understand the situation.

shivansh malik

The treatment was good i came here 6month ago before that I was told that I need surgery by lots of other doctors. But with the help of Dr Bajaj, Dr Ashish and Dr shurti I have fully recovered. And if someone is having nerves problems I would recommend you this place.. The other staff if also 10 on 10..

Vansh Baisoya

Best place for an MRI. polite, friendly and caring staff under the supervison of Dr. Sonal. I got the best care i could have. Highly recommend!

N Sagar

I had a MRI done and Dr Sonal was very helpful and caring. My diagnosis was done quickly and Dr Sonal helped me understand right away.
The facility and the machines are latest and the staff is very helpful as well.
I highly recommend CSI.
Dr Pushpinder is very senior and knowledgeable. Under his leadership CSI is in great hands.

Amit Kapoor

I am very much satisfied with the treatment given at this centre. But I really thankful to the staff of the centre also Meghraj is one of them who helped me a lot during my visit to the centre.

Abhishek Tripathi

Highest centre for treatment of Ligament injury of knee/shoulder/hip. Secretariat of ISKSAA( International Society for knowledge for Surgeons Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty). Well established in heart of New Delhi. Highly proficient Surgeon with very happy patients post surgical treatment. Provide good rehabilitation services post surgery.

Dr Shobhit Sharma

Thanks to Dr.Ashish and Dr.Shruti for their efforts to treat me. When I went there I was in so much pain (in knees)that I was not able to stand and went there on wheel chair. After 3 sessions of Physiotherpy I was able to walk.
After 10 sessions I am perfectly all right with no pain in knees and I am able to walk comfortably.
Both physiotherapist are very competent.

Savita Mathur

Dr. Bajaj epitomizes the ideal healthcare professional, exuding confidence and assurance from the moment you enter his office. His warm demeanor and genuine concern for patients create a comforting ambiance, easing any health-related anxieties one might harbor.
Not only does Dr. Bajaj possess an extensive knowledge base in his field, but he also has a remarkable ability to explain complex medical concepts in a way that is easily understandable.
Dr. Bajaj's professionalism, compassion, and expertise elevate him to the ranks of the finest doctors. For those seeking a healthcare provider who prioritizes well-being and delivers exceptional medical care, Dr. Bajaj stands as the epitome of excellence. Look no further if you desire unparalleled healthcare from a dedicated practitioner.
I would give 10/10 for post surgery treatment given by his staff.

Alex D'souza

After having lived for 28 years in New Zealand and Canada, both countries renowned for sports injury doctors, getting treatment for my hip at Centre For Sports Injury under Dr Bajaj’s expertise was the best decision. Apart from the amazing surgical procedure the team of enthusiastic and dedicated physiotherapists of Dr Ashish & Dr Shruti made sure that my rehabilitation was complete prior to my departure back home in Canada. My review shall be incomplete if I do not put a special mention for Dr Shruti who generates an immense amount of energy and effort to facilitate quick and effective rehabilitation with her techniques.
Thanks to all the other support staff for making me feel so comfortable over the past six weeks.

Ajay Chadha

Hi, i am really very satisfied by the treatment given here. Physiotherapists Ashish ji & Shruti both are hard working professionals. They take good care during physiotherapy sessions.
Place to visit for physiotherapy related concerns. Highly recommended.

Abhishek Tripathi

Our mother underwent knee replacement surgery, and the post-surgery care (physiotherapy) was beyond our expectations. Under the care and guidance of Dr. Ashish and Dr. Shruti, our mother has recovered in no time. We are immensely grateful for the support.


Good experience. Had a moving MRI my of shoulder. Dr. Sonal Mahalwar (Radiologist) patiently listened to my issue and explained the procedure well.

Ananya Bijaya

Nice place nice staff mostly happy to see this latest mri technology happy to visit here got my mri done 👍✅


I want to write a review for Dr vikas here he is amazing doctor.I met with sprain of my calf muscle and showed him
He took my history and gave me best possible treatment which helped me to be back running in 5 days !
Kudos! Keep doing good work

Ishira Joshi

Nice places happy to visit here

Ramkishor Rajput Rajput

Doctors are good


Excellent service

Kapurak ak

Had my mother Physiotherapy here .
Overall very good healthcare system

kartikeya ahlawat

Excellent service nice staff happy to visit here

Inder Gurwara

Having a good experience in this centre and Dr Bajaj and all the team members is also good in behaviour and very helpful thanks you to all

pawan Bansal

Nice staff nice place happy to visit here and specialy thanks to dr p s bajaj to give us all facility under 1 roof

Rajender Awasthi

Good experience

Pinky Singh

Very experienced team of doctors .

Gurpreet Bajaj

We found a Very efficient centre and staff at CSI, which has all facilities under one roof. It makes patent management quick and. stress free

Sarbjit Singh

Good centre with very good doctors and found staff very supportive!

Shipra Karna

Awesome physio clinic with the best technology and latest equipments , amazing well trained staff . Special thanks to Dr.Ovesh Talashi, for being a great support system in my treatment with outmost understanding, specially for his stretches and releasing techniques. Also Kuddos to Dr. Talashi’s team - Anjali and Sunidhi. They take personal interest every time you visit , always full of patience , never ever in a rush. The latest centre and the team deserve infinite stars instead of five , if at all possible. Would be recommending this SPORTS PHYSIO CENTRE to all.


The doctors are well experienced and politely welcome their patients, explain properly and help them to get them well through their proper guidance .The staff is also very helpful.

Shivranjni Piplani

Best hospital in South Delhi, Staffs and Doctors are soft spoken and extremely knowledgeable,Had a great experience visiting this hospital. Thank you Center For Sports Injury for the services you provided with empathy.
will recommend everyone to visit this hospital for the best treatment experience.

Akash Sharma
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